Going out in a few hours. Any tips?

I'm a 23 year old virgin who has never been on a date or even kissed a girl. I am trying to make an effort to approach and meet women for the next week. This is Day 2 for me.

I am going to the local college bar. I will only drink water the entire night.

Ladies and gentlemen -- What kind of advice would you have for me to approach women, talk to women and eventually get their number?


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  • Just don't Let the whole inexperience thing get to your head, they probably can't tell unless you're hella socially awkward.

    Try to stay calm

    • Just got back from the bar. I try to talk to women who aren't with guys. Talked to a few women and they all shrugged me off. Albeit, I was dressed well... but my social game is off.

      Went up to 2 women sitting behind me and said, "Hey there! How's you're night going?" They both kinda shrugged me off, but then answered my question. We talked for about 3 minutes and then they got up, said goodnight to me and left.

      Talked to another girl, but she was slightly tipsy... but she was in a good mood. We talked a bit... but then she asked me if I wanted to hang out with her, hey boyfriend and her boyfriends friend when they arrive. I declined and left shortly after.

      I suck at talking to women, which is why I'm trying to go out more. I tend to start with, "How is your night going" or "How is everything" and then I start trying to talk about school, work, life, etc... but then it always goes sour.

    • Aww sorry, well at least they didn't completely ignore you
      Did you go with friends so you'd be more comfortable

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  • Offering to buy a drink would help. Be confident when you talk to them. You need to do the approaching and keep them interesting with humor and/or short stories. By the end of the night you should have at least one number.

    • I approached a few women tonight. Since I am social anxious, it takes me a little while to warm up. I tried talking to the girls casually... saying things, like "How's you're night going?" or "How are you doing"? Then I try to open convo by telling them this is my first time at this bar and I ask them how often they come here, how busy does the bar get, etc. Then... I try to talk about school, work and life in general. That takes a total of 3-5 minutes. Unfortunately, tonight, as soon as I walked up and open with "Hey, how's your night going tonight", I could automatically tell they weren't interested but I kept trying anyway.

      Like I said... I'm a great dresser and have a nice personality... but I suck at talking with women. What kinds of things do you like to talk about at the bar?

    • I'd say your approach was fine. That liner gets girls to talk some. Make sure to ask questions about them. Girls like to talk about themselves: what they do, siblings, favorite things. If you're going to say this is your first time there, it's good to ask what their favorite drink/food is. Then can lead into getting them one of those. On the work, school, life conversation you need to make her talk longer about it. Keep asking questions about what she does, projects, classes, etc. The best way to keep her interest is to keep her talking about something she cares about.

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  • Don't be too polite. Treat girls like everyone else. Hell, bust their balls a bit. Then when you got her laughing and feeling good for a good bit ask for her number, don't just give her yours. Once you have it, leave. Easy day.

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