I can't decide if I want a relationship or not. How many dates can I string this guy along while I try to decide?

I like him... it might work... but I just can't decide if I actually want a relationship. How many dates can I string him along while I try to sort out my feelings?


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  • "String him along"? You sound like a Class A Bitch.

    Zero, get your shit together before you date anyone. He'd much rather not date you than find out you were playing him.

    • Its not like I'm making him pay for the dates. And like I said I genuinely like him, I just have had a lot of issues being really jealous in the past and I'm afraid I will be again. Thats what I can't decide about.

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    • i guess i'll just end it now then...

      and plenty of people go on a few dates and change their mind you know...

    • Yes, and then lie about why they're not interested.

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  • This is hard to answer... each dude's "dating with no title" threshold is so different from dude to dude.

    • ahh I see.
      What is yours? or what seems to be common amongst your friends?

    • most of my friends are slower paced dudes than me... most don't mind dating a girl without a title for several months

    • several months = 3 months or more

  • booooooooo that is cold. =(


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