I left scratch marks on my boyfriends back and our friends found out, now I'm really embarrassed?

Okay, so last night my boyfriend and I had sex and I guess we both got really into it idek. Well I ended up leaving quite a lot of scratch marks. Like there weren't thatttt many, but its not like there were only a few either. Like I didn't even mean to, I guess in the heat of the moment I did. My bf mentioned it in the morning but I didn't pay attention to it. Well today, my bf and a whole bunch of our friends were going to the beach. Everything was fine, until my bf took off his shirt. Well when he did, lots of my friends started snickering and the guys were all smirking. I didn't even know what was going on until my friend came up to me and said "wow it looks like you guys had a lot of fun last night." Like that wasn't embarrassing enough, some of the guys and my other friends came up to me and were like "omg Ellie (thats me) I didn't you like it rough." or "Ellie, you must be a good lay." or "Ellie I thought you were some innocent girl, damn." and "Ellie, I'd so do you rn." Well at that point I was a tomato and you know what, my boyfriend seemed like proud and smug that everyone noticed. I mean these are all my friends so Ik they weren't being totally serious, but its still REALLY embarrassing for me and I feel so awkward now. Like all of friends thought that I was like some innocent girl you know? This isn't even really a question but if anyone has advice on how to handle this that would be cool?


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  • Lady in the streets, Freak in the sheets! You're the epitome of that! Embrace it! You are who you are and what is done is done!

  • Wait to you stab him with your nails... they get better and better... you'll see!


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