Ladies! Is there anything guy's do that you notice, that guy's think you don't? Please share! :-)?

Ok im 21 and i have an odd charm that crops up every now and then but i somehow seduce women and i want to escalate but at this point i start getting anxious and i either lose them in conversation or i lose my initial charm. Please advise me on this pivotal moment so i might learn how to proceed! Thanks.


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  • Do you get nervous? Think in your head, "I'm going to be in charge, I already have her attention, and she is going to love my confidence, if there is a physical attribute that you love about her, tell her!! Women LOVE compliments, especially if we can tell you are being honest.

    • She has beautiful hair, she kept braiding. But she's my pharmacists! I don't know how to ask her out.

    • How often do you see her... give her a compliment with a confident smile. If she blushes it's a good sign... maybe there is a popular movie out, mention another time that you are really wanting to see it, if she says me too, ask you wanna go set it with me?

    • I've seen her twice and only talked once, but when we talked i managed to get her to talk with me for about 12 to 15 minutes. I will try your suggestions and see what happens. Im a hopeless romantic falling in love so easy but after being hurt in love i realize i have to be realistic and recognize not every girl will like me. Thanks again.

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