As black people, are we afraid of?

I am 23, and I am African American. Personally, I have no problems with interracial relationship, and I think that it shows progress within our society.

Anyway, I have been going out a lot lately, going on social media sites/dating sites... and I noticed that a lot of black women are strongly interested in dating white men. Many will even go as far to say that they are not interested in dating black guys and are only exclusively dating outside their races (white guys only).

As a black guy, I have no problem with dating black women. I am probably speaking for myself on this one, but I go through little phases sometimes. When I used to live in NYC, I dated quite a few black women. During my high school years, I move to a predominantly white state. So I was only able to date white women. Now that I moved for college and live in a very mixed area (Asian, mixed, Hispanic, black, white, etc, etc, etc)... I am no longer interested in dating black women or white women.

Don't get me wrong. I am willing to date any race, but I want to see what else is out there right now.

Also, not trying to sound racist here... but I have always wanted an interracial relationship and a biracial child. My family is all black, and I thought it would be cool to change my family dynamics and marry interracially. But, if my ideal partner happens to black, that's fine too :).

While I am not really biased about who I date... my question remains. As black people, are we afraid of dating each other? How come so many black people seem to only want to date white people?

Like I said, I speak for myself and my opinions are my own. I am just curious as to what other people will say.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • You can still get a racially ambiguous child if you mate with a black woman. Just look at Pharrell Williams, he's 100% black but looks Blasian and so does his wife and she's 100% Ethiopian (African). Anyway, I'm mixed and I date latino and black guys. I mostly just date brown people lol (Samoan, Hawaiian, Blasian, Native, Mexican, Filipino, Thai, etc). I don't really see it as dating outside my race since most of them look Black to me, I don't know how to explain it lol. But I really want a husband who looks like my favorite singer or who favors my dad, he looks Korean. He looks like a mix between Bi Rain and Will Smith seriously lol. But I don't want my children to be pale skinned though. My last ex was Blasian and he had the most gorgeous brown skin ever. His skin color and his features were very attractive and I was very happy to date him b/c he had features like my dad and we had a lot in common, but he was too immature so we broke up. But his skin was like a beautiful mahogany color and I've never seen anyone with a beautiful skin tone like that. I said, I want my kids to have his skin color and for my kids to come out darker than me so I can teach them to love their skin tone and to not be obsessed with lighter skin. I'm pale and when people just like me b/c I'm lightskin, I hate that with a passion. So I want my kids to feel special and to love themselves from an early age and I want to instill that love and pride in them. I want them to have pride in themselves and to not boast about being mixed or whatever. I don't do that shit that's like looking down on people b/c you're more "ethnic" and "exotic" or whatever and that's not cool. I just want my kids to be proud of themselves and to love their relatives and our family traditions and culture. Even if my kids turn out to look more black, I want them to be proud of that and not feel any shame whatsoever.

    • Pharrell's Mom is half Korean, and half Dominican and his dad is African American.

    • his mom is Carolyn Williams. She's not full blood Filipina like everyone said and where did you get this info that she's half korean and dominican? Where are your sources?

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What Girls Said 2

  • Well I'm Creole so I never feel like i'm just a black girl even though most people look at me and see a black girl I know where I come from, my racial, and ethnic background. I would prefer to date a guy of any race that is just as cultured as me or would love to learn. I am not concerned about how my future children will identify themselves because I will teach them who they are and to love themselves. Many people in family interracialy date and even of they have kids with someone who is black their some of their kids look like they are mixed that's because we all are so it's really nothing to me. I'm from the south and I find it to be ignorant that a lot of people down here think they are just purely black and they would be surprised if they knew their genetic make up but a lot of people don't care about their history they are not close to their roots a its sad because a lot of our history is lost its a good opportunity to take if you know someone in your family that can tell you who you really are and what you are made of. It sickens me that people make a big issue out of something like interracial dating and you probably have more European or native American in you then your skin tone or facial features will show so whole thing is childish. I don't care about who wants to date their own race or not and I don't think other people caring about it is going to help them in their own dating life. Just focus on yourself and your prospects.

  • lol I don't know anything about that type of stuff. I'm in the south. Black people love each other here. It's very rare that black people especially women date interracially. White boys are mega childish. Lol We grew up with Taye diggs, shemar Moore, tyreese, etc being uplifted as ideal men so that's what we want. I've dated interracially. It was bullshit lol

    Mixed babies are not cute to me. I think
    I'm the minority in that though lol and white babies. No. Lol when I was younger I got a whoopin for runnin from a white baby LOL!!! The only way a white or mixed baby is cute to me is if it's fat. I
    Love fat babies.


What Guys Said 3

  • Probably because half black half white babies are fuggin adorable.

  • Erm, right, touchy subject. BUT. Here goes: MONEY.

  • Da white man.

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