What should I do about this dating situation?

I stopped seeing my ex officially about a year ago due to doing distance over the summer.
We tried to get it sort of back off the group but it always turned into arguments & tears due to my major trust & anxiety issues.

I am feeling so much better now & after a bit of a break from each other we have started seeing each other again.
We have decided not to sleep together & just focus on feelings, I am feeling So much better, we are happy, relaxed, have fun, get along & dare-I-say-it falling head over heels back in love.

We don't have any expectations of each other right now, but he said that if this continues he might have to 'girlfriend me again'.
I would LOVE that, but it's going to be summer again soon (Australia) & we will head our separate ways again for the uni break. This time i'm spending 3 months overseas too.
I don't want to start again only for it to happen again. Advice?


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  • u should try to forget him coz if he can forget u in 3 months, he is not worth ur time

    • I think you have misunderstood. He didn't forget me...

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  • Try to communicate better when you are apart. Call, text, email, Skype, smoke signals. Lol

  • Just ask him to try to text and call and video chat more. Because if u last the summer than u can see each other again and always tell him to tell u when he can't talk for a while so u won't be worried and u do the same.