This reply: did I come on too strong?

Things have been going great. We were discussing what our dream holidays would be and guessing each others. After guessing mine, I teased her that she got me wrong and mine would be 'snugged up arm in arms with someone exploring a wintery Paris city at night'. I've since got no reply which is weird from her.

  • yes, I can smell clingy in this reply
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  • no, you're overthinking and she may be busy
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  • She can be busy, it's too soon to judge. Clinginess is when you cannot take her mind off her and it impedes your ability to prioritize in day-to-day life.


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  • I can't find anything wrong in your reply but maybe she wasn't ready for so much closeness?
    Why don't you text her, or call her? See what she is doing. Perhaps she is busy, you gotta find out yourself if you still want her.


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