I like a girl, who says hi to me , I don't know how to forget about her without potentialy being mean?

I am a very nerdy computer nerd who loves videogames, but I got this crush on this really hot , popular girl. After one bus ride where I sat next to her, she started saying hi to me when she sees me , this makes it really hard to forget about her , but I don't kowtow how to get over her without being mean and ignoring her. I'm not even sure if when she says hi she is messing with me or something. I need some tips on what to do.
Also if possible I would love it if it would be possible to avoid the whole public embarrassment thing , if not oh well.


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  • If you like her, why do you want to forget about her? Why don't you talk to her?

    Stop the paranoia, she's not messing with you! She's just saying 'hi'. It's no big deal and I don't get why you feel embarrassed.


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