Why are guys so hot and cold?

I've been seeing a guy for a little more than a month. Both of us had some trips planned so we have only had 5 dates all together but talked a lot in between. At first he was very attentive and took me out and text me every day just to chat. After his trip overseas he became more distant for the 2 weeks he was gone. Then when he returned last weekend he started up again saying he couldn't wait to see me and asked me out his second night back in town. He took me to dinner and then out with my friends dancing. I ended up staying the night and we laid in bed and watched movies the whole next day. When I left he said how much fun he had and hoped to see me soon, saying he could possibly come down to my city (about 30 mins away) one day during the week and possibly this coming weekend, he just had to check his sched. The main issue is he is leaving in 2 months for work in another state. So I have always known there was an expiration, as the time we have had together would most likely not work it's way into a long distance thing. After last weekend I have talked to him mon and tues but not yesterday at all. He also has not brought up coming down to see me again, and I believe he may still have his dating prof up. (We did not meet that way). He had numerous times told me how much fun he has with me and has spent a good amount of time. He even has said on a few occasions how he wish we had met earlier. My question is why is he SO hot and then so cold. I won't hear from him for days and then he's back like nothing happened. I know he gets busy at work but that is no excuse. Is he just using me and playing the field?


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  • He is using you.

    Not even my workaholic ex disappeared that much.

    I bet he still has the profile up.

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