Greek men, there tall dark and mysterious, what do they want in a woman?

I am talking to a greek man, this is my first time dating someone with kind of a cultural difference. He has been in the states for years but still has a accent and is very proud of his greek heritage. I was wondering what it is like to date a Greek man? What are they looking for in women?

I was just wondering because, I was worried we would have too big of cultural differences. I have also read that there very attached to their moms, they are ambitious and other random stuff and I didn't know what was true.


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    wear something like that to spice things up in your relationship with him


    Greek men are just like all men. They're looking for a girl with curves, loyalty, trust, confidence, affectionate, etc., basically everything that Infinity-mari said.


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  • Don't know, but Greek men are usually not tall.

    • Oh huh, see i am totally miss informed.

    • Male average in Greece is 178, in Denmark it's 183, that is 5 cm difference in average hight.

      I'll wouldn't consider them tall or small, but rather average in hight.

    • Dark and mysterious, might be true though, I don't know any Greek men.

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  • Hey im from Greece.. Greek men are just like all men. There isn't anything special with them lol. They like a girl with curves, confidence, trustworthy, loyal, affectionate. you can message me if you want and give me some more details maybe i could help you.