What are your feelings/policies about men paying for lunch/dinner?

Do you think that men should pay for the whole meal or that each person should pay for their own meal? Is this something that should occur on every date, or just the first or so? Men, do you say outright that you will/won't pay for both meals, or wait to see how it will develop?

Be honest! It doesn't help to sugarcoat this.

I've seen a big divide on this. Some people say that men paying for the whole meal is naturally how it should go down and shows that he is capable of providing. Other people say that it's a means to "win somebody over" (like showering someone with gifts) and less respectful than holding the man and woman to equal standards. I honestly don't have strong feelings either way, but it would be helpful for me and other guys to know beforehand.


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  • i think a mixture of both is fair. (assuming neither have giant financial problems) although in my opinion, the guy should pay for the first date. going dutch is good too.


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  • I personally think a man should pay on the first date, if anything especially if they're the one intitiating to take you out. Occasionally, I do think a woman should chip in, maybe do half and half, but overall men should pay. At least they should want to.

    • I know I'm kind of late to this question, but I just found it. If the woman initiated to taking the man out, should the woman pay?

      Also you said the man should want to pay, should the woman also want to pay? This isn't a question about who actually pays, just about the internal talking a person would go through to make a decision.

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