He keeps bringing up the topic of 'marriage'. Why is that?

I've been seeing this one guy for the past 6 weeks now, who has labelled me his 'girlfriend'.

He seems like a really great guy and whenever we hang out I feel like we have a lot in common. However, I've noticed that he brings up marriage related topics quite often whenever we hang out.

He has asked me on dates whether I had to marry someone from my own ethnicity, whether I'm the type of person who wouldn't marry a guy even if he didn't have a house or a car and so on. When I said I was the type of person who would marry someone regardless of their economy, he said 'good' and smiled.

He also told me on a date early on that he wouldn't want his wife to work, but instead he would want her to stay at home and look at the children. He doesn't believe that a nanny or grandmother could do the proper role of the mother.

He asked me afterwards whether women from my country are more career driven or were more family oriented. He told me that he doesn't like career driven women, because he wants someone who is a staying home mom.

There were a few incidents as well, but can't remember them. Does it sound a bit like he keeps bringing up the topic of 'marriage' or gender roles too much or am I just overthinking?


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  • Bet ya $20, he is from the middle east or east Asia.

    He is mentioning them quite a lot for a six weeks relationship. He wants a submissive, woman who will care for him and the children and not care to get a job or be her own person.

    Do you want a guy like that?

    You are not overreacting.

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