GUYS HELP: How long does it take a man to fall for a woman?

I asked my boyfriend of 3-4 monrhs if he feels emotion for me during sex. He quickly said no and then added "but i feel closer to you." This hurt me bc i am an emotional romantic person and i want to find lasting love. I know its too early to be in love and im not, but it worries me that he may not feel any deep emotional connection with me. wouldn't he know by now how he feels about me? If he is just in it for fun and sex but can never fall in love w me then i need to move on and find someone who can. Am i being unfair? Should i give it more time or is it if he hasn't developed stronger feelings by now its never gonna happen? I want a guy thats crazy about me and he may not be it. He said he wanted to see where it goes and we have. Now i want more and am scared he doesnt. If I dont stir those deep emotions in him there is no point to the rs in my opinion.


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  • 3-4 months of a relationship is usually enough to develop feelings for the girl.

    He either is 1) a player using u for sex and simply tolerating the relationship, or 2) has intimacy issues for some reason.


    If u don't feel emotionally unfulfilled in the relationship, I would consider ending it. Talk to him and ask him why he is so emotionally distant before pulling the trigger on the breakup.


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  • Definitely not as long as it does for women. Guys know fairly quickly. Nonetheless, that guy should know by now. It shouldn't take this long to have a relationship, at least.

  • Stop giving him sex and start ignoring him. If he still tries to talk to you and follows you then he loves you else no.


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