How would a guy know if a female friend is falling for him?

What signs would a guy consider while classifying a female friend as "just friends" or "potential mate"?


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  • If I find a female friend as a potential girlfriend, I'll be more open with her about most things. Compliment her often and flirt. I wouldn't let her know I see her as a potential girlfriend because if she doesn't feel the same, that would be a bit awkward and I wouldn't want to hurt the relationship. Unless she gave me big hints she was into me.

    • Thanks :-) what signs a girl needs to show in order to make him admit he sees her as potential girlfriend?

    • You can always be very bold and ask! That would put the bsll in his court. Or if you aren't that bold be very flirty with him and talk to him often.

    • Thanks for most helpful!

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  • Ask him over for a movie, alone.

    Sit on the couch together.

    After 20 mins, ask him if you two could lay down together. He pry won't know what to do with his hands, so grab it for him. Then if you want to kiss him, just turn around.

    Next question?

    • That's a bold act for me. Any other opinions?

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    • Sorry I won't do any such things

    • Well, you're welcome anyway. You can ask him out on a date, but make sure you use the word "date"

      I forecast another question on her wondering why you're still just friends with him

  • Honestly I wouldn't. I'm so oblivious because I just don't feel anyone can see me as attractive.

  • Unfortunately that is a code that guys have yet to break.


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