One week challenge - need tips and opinions!!!

For the past few days, I have been going out to bars and clubs to work on my social game and talk to women. I have mild social anxiety, so I have trouble talking to people and it makes it hard for me to really talk to women. I need some advice on approach, but here is a little about me:

Race: African American


Clothing Style For Tonight: - just the blazer - White henley totally unbuttoned - Black fitted jeans - My sneakers - My cologne

I am dressing like this to stand out from the other guys at the bar. I will also be more noticeable this way.

I went to the bar yesterday, but my approach was all off (read here):

Tonight, I am going to try to approach more women with this approach:

"Hello miss, my name is (name) and I just wanted to tell you that you look nice tonight, but I am pretty sure you hear that from your boyfriend all the time."

This will help me figure out if they are single or not within minutes, show confidence and probably flatter them. Should I approach like this?

And what approach tips you ladies can give me for tonight? I DO NOT buy drinks for women until the convo gets really good, I get to know them and seem interested.

I also tend to go to the bar alone. I used to go with a bunch of people, but it never got any results.


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  • You're no African American You're black


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