Does she have no respect for me?

Girl i've been seeing for about a month invited me out to the bar to hang and chill. I told her i had a really bad day with studying and work and just wanted to chill for a little bit. I show up and meet her and her friend and start talking over a drink. 10 mins later they go for a "restroom break". 15 mins go by and i see them over talking to a bunch of guys here and then a group of people here. At this point i don't know whats going on.

Next, they're out on the dance floor and i make a quick move in to try and dance with them and they act like i'm not even there. i go sit back down at the bar and drink my beer and they don't even comeback to sit with me, they go over and sit together at a different bar table and talk to each other.

Now the whole dance and go sit at a different table than me happened 2-3 times. I walked up and asked what they were doing and they said "just talking". after that i stayed another 5 mins, and i just walked out the door, didn't give her a goodbye, no text, nothing. She didn't even send a call/text to ask where i went.

Granted had i brought a buddy this wouldn't have been so uncomfortable...

Now why the f*** would you invite someone to the bar that you're seeing, basically shun them, and flirt with other guys in front of them? Immaturity? doesn't know any better?

I just walked out, haven't talked to her in 2 days, not really interested in even being a friend after that debacle.


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  • Don't talk to her again. She doesn't like you or take you seriously and is just using you. SHe might have also enjoyed hurting you and making you feel awkward by flirting with other guys in front of you. I used to have a friend with a horrible personality. My cousin wanted to date her because he saw her photograph. He assumed that my cousin was probably broke and ugly so she tried to embarrass him by bringing another guy who was pursuing her on the date that she had with my cousin. She wanted to make the other guy jealous and my cousin embarrassed. She also dated 4 men at the same time and 3 of them were married. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PIECE OF TRASH.

    • i deleted her number, blocked facebook, and such. i'm def not a jealous guy... But even if she just thought of me as a guy friend or fwb's, why would you invite a "friend" out, and then bail on them and not socialize?, that just totally boggles my mind

    • good for you!!!

  • I wouldn't waste any time on them if I was in your situation.


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