Long term online daters: How "populated" is online dating right now?

I used to use online dating a lot and got bored of it overtime. I'd go on dates and the girls were liars not only in appearance but in other ways ranging from lying about living situations, setting up multiple dates bragging about free meals on social media, their relationship status, etc.

Anyways I never actually deleted my profile but haven't bothered using it. I'd sometimes go in and message girls and maybe meet one here and there but nothing would come of it. But the last time I checked a while back... I noticed a huge lack of people worth messaging! Plus, I noticed the same profiles of girls I'd seen on there for years, still actively online. This is seriously making me wonder if the concept of online dating is possibly dying out. Plus whenever I hear about it on this site, it seems the girls use it for attention. Would you think guys are potentially catch on and start giving up if this is the case?

Looking for overall opinions on the whole scene right now.


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  • I've considered online dating & I thought there seemed to be a lot of guys on there. I couldn't see how many girls were on there because the sites won't show you that. Question, how exactly do women lie about their looks? Do they use other people's photos?

    • Some use outdated photos of when they were thinner, then you go to meet them and they're fatter. Others use overhead selfies so people don't realize their weight. It's mainly in regards to weight from what I've seen. Women complain guys lie about their height online.

    • I've heard some women have really ridiculous height expectations online, would you agree with that?

    • It is something women have complained about a lot bur since I am over 6ft I have never had to worry about it so I don't know.

  • I wouldn't personally do on-line dating any more as I found it was a bad way of dating so I would rather go out and meet someone


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