Is it uncommon for two people to enjoy simple dates like this in the beginning dating stage?

I've been seeing a guy for a couple weeks and it's been going well. We enjoy each other's company and get along pretty well.

Our "dates" are very simple. We just take walks, or eat takeout somewhere and just sit and talk. We also got coffee once.

We aren't sexual either. we just kiss and cuddle.

We don't feel like we have to do anything fun in particular to enjoy each other's company.

He said that this is really rare in dating, and he's dated quite a few girls before me. He seems to think the fact that we don't really need to do things together to have fun is a really good sign that we are very compatible.

I haven't dated before really. Is this really that uncommon? Or is he just saying that?


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  • Perfect. I repeat... perfect.

    • It really is lol. But is it rare?

    • Definitely not. Couples with common interests, temperaments, values, and etc exist worldwide. Not much light may be shed on these kinds of unions, but they do exist.

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  • Honestly thats an amazing sign! What he's basically trying to tell you is that the girls he's dated before were probably really materialistic and he had to take them out on fancy expensive dates just to please them.. Something like that anyways. Whereas you guys could just sit on the couch and chill and have a better time than he did with the girl at the fancy date! If that makes sense? So basically you guys could practically be in the woods for all i know and you guys would still have an amazing time because you're both compatible. Thats how i see it :)

  • I think it is uncommon for rich people but maybe not for poor people. I would be happy not spending any money on a date. I don't care too much whether he takes me out to dinner or whether we just stay home and watch movies.

    • We aren't poor lol. He's quite wealthy actually. I'm not as rich as him but I'm middle class and I can afford some fun haha