What does it really mean when a guy says that he likes you?

I'm currently talking to a guy that I meet a guy about 2 months ago. We aren't in a relationship yet but we did go on a date and we've hung out as well. From what I know about him so far I think he's a decent guy and I like him. I would like to continue to get to know him and possibly build something with him. A couple days ago I finally worked up the courage to tell him that I like him. I kept it really simple. I didn't tell him how I wanted to be in a relationship with him down the line or anything like that since I thought that would be saying too much too soon. He replied back and told me that he likes me too with a smiley face. But now I'm wondering how he means that. You can like someone in many different ways. I know how I meant it but I can't read his mind so I'm not sure how he meant it. How can I tell if he means he likes me as a friend or he likes me more than a friend? Should I just ask him straight forward and directly?


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  • When you told him you liked him he had no way of knowing in which way you liked him either. That was up to him to guess. You probably should have added a couple reasons why you liked him... like because you like his outgoing personality, or because he makes you laugh a lot, or because he makes you feel important when you're around him, etc. At least when he told you he liked you too at least he gave you a smiley and that should tell you he flirted with you a little when he told you that. So at this point that's how you should take it. You should be able to tell more how he meant that by his actions which always means the most anyway. Actions always speak louder than words. His smiley was actually a "little" action. So now that you have it out in the open that you like each other, start trying to find out what it is he likes about you No, I wouldn't ask him straight forward and directly unless it's critical that you know right away. He might think it strange that you're trying to nail him down on that so quickly. Start paying more attention to his actions now and maybe soon you can have a nice little conversation about how you like each other. Good luck!

    • Lol that's true. But I gave him a smiley when I told him too. The only reason I didn't go into detail as to how I like him was because I didn't want to scare him away with my emotions or come on too hard. But you're right maybe I should have said I like him more than a friend.

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