What exactly is he trying to tell me?

Hello everyone, so I've been talking to a guy for over a year now and we both have confess to each other that we have feelings for each other and we still talk to each other once in a while. The only problem is that he can't commit to me because he is going to college and he feels that he won't be able to give me one hundred percent attention because of his schooling. In other words his schooling is his main priority right now and I understand, but he should care of what I want from him also. He told me that I still want to continue being friends with you and that I don't plan on getting serious with you or with anyone right now, then he also told me, don't wait for me, it kills him inside for him to know that I'll wait for him. He also said it's your choice if you do decide to get married and then he also mentioned that if in the future we are both still on the hunt and single that we can get together, recently he called me to see how I'm doing and I told him I'm doing just fine. Then I mentioned to him that I went to a baseball game and then he asked who I went with? and I told him with a friend and then he said oh.. is this your new boyfriend or new girlfriend? Then I told him, does it matter? Then he said yes.. no. Then he told me are you happy? and I told him yes. Then he said if your happy then I'm happy too; then he also said you can always call me too or text me. I'm confused though what exactly is he trying to tell me?


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  • he clearly has feelings for you, but as i see it is putting you, your happieness above his own.

    e. g in his mind's eye he see's this
    He has admitted he is focusing on his studies and that is going to be his primary focus, if you both were to enter in to a relationship then he simply wouldent be 100% commited/dedicated the way he wants to be to that relationship this potnetially leaving you upset, lonely, at times when he puts his studies before you.

    in reality what he is doing is trying to prevent you from feeling any of that, untull sutch time as his studies are over when he can be with you and can give you the attention and dedication you deserve

    he is saying to crayy on with out him only because he dosent want to see you waiting for him untill his studies are over, i know how that feela and its horrid and lonely, and he dosent want that for you he wants you out happy, having a good time, untill he has finished his schooling and can be with you in the proper way.

    thats just how i see things, and as always this si just an interprotation of the given facts and could be wrong.

    hope this helps!

    • Thanks this really did help me out a lot :)

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    • He recently told me that we should hangout at a bar and grab something to eat or something, but then he said I dont want to lead you on or hurt your feelings.

    • thanks for MHO, by the sounds of it he is still taking the stand point of letting you move on.

      how ever you decide to tell him i hope it all works out for you xD

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  • He still has lingering feelings for you and want to know where you are in life.

    • Thanks for your answer :) What makes you think that though?

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    • I'm horrible at that, sorry! I'm more of a frank straight forward guy lol.

    • lol oh okay, thanks anyways!

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