I know he is busy, but his lack of contact stresses me out!?

I'm seeing my ex again.
We have hung out pretty much every day this week, he said if this continues he might have to make me his girlfriend.
He has been super cute and lovely and we haven't even slept together again yet.
He has even spoken in future tenses, like we will be together in a few weeks or months!

He lives in my town (for uni) but goes home on weekends (45 mins away) to work.
He is also not a massive communicator and rarely starts conversations (except he has been this whole time we been seeing each other!).
He did comment on his housemates post this morning (i think before work), but she was angry/sad so was trying to cheer her up.
Last weekend he didn't message or anything (we were just getting it off the ground), and it stressed me out a bit. I am scared that he won't contact me again this weekend and it will turn me into a stress head which will achieve the opposite result in our building relationship!



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  • whatever you do, never show a guy you're affected by him ignoring you. try act happy and like you're having fun and make it sound like youve been busy too.. dont ask why, but trust me, it works everytime ;) and also, just go out and have fun! get your mind off him

    • So I don't initiate conversation & just wait for him to talk to me when he is back on Monday?

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