My mum hates my ex, but we might be getting back together?

My mum hates my ex.
She never met him, but I got really upset when we broke up and that is why she hates him.

I was with another guy for 5 years before him, in an emotionally abusive and hurtful relationship, but even so she loved him!

Now I might be getting back together with my ex.
The way she feels about him is important to him, and i guess its a little important to me too.

What should I do?


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  • Oh god this reminds me of in hs girls would tell their parents about someone and then the next day be friends and the parents would go, OH HELL NAW. Depends what you told your mother, if you told her facts about him she's not gunna change her opinion, she may pretend to but.

    • Its not like that though. I live away from home, my parents have no say in who I date, but we were in a serious relationship and the opinion of my parents is important to him.

      I have told he multiple times that yes he upset me, but he is still one of the most amazing people I have met and that she doesn't even know him.

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    • It was a few months distance. He's done distance before and found it emotionally draining & I have anxiety so we decided not to do it.

    • Tell your mother you mutually decided a long distance wouldn't work and thats why you were so upset? Unless you made it sound like he did it already.

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  • She'll either warm up to him or she won't. Not much you can do. If she hasn't even met him... there's still a lot of damage control to be done.

  • Never get back with exes. I learned my lesson the hard way. All they do is screw you over. If you got distraught when you guys broke up and she saw that, odds are she doesn't want the same guy doing that to your heart.

    • Did you get back with your ex officially or just a sleeping together-dating kind of thing?
      Also, may I ask why you ended things?

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    • Ohh that sucks, it's a bit different in my situation though. The only reason we broke up really because I went home for summer (5 hrs away) and we both decided that with our personalities distance would be hard.
      We have been seeing each other on & off since because it's been hard after the time apart. Only just getting to a different level now though.

    • Hopefully things work for you. Exes normally spell bad news for people.