Dating website problems?

Here's the problem,

I made an Okcupid account. browsed through and I saw an old classmate back form back in High school. I kinda had a thing for then and we match pretty high on the site. Higher then I expected actually. but i don't visit her page 'cause that be weird, right? then few days pass and I see that she visited my page.

so now I am left with the decision to acknowledge her or not...

if I do message her, what should I say since we know each other.

Poll below.

  • Ignore it, its just weird
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  • Visit her page and see if she messages me
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  • Visit her page and message her first.
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  • You are just reading to much into it...
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Just message her, what do you have to lose? She's a human being, just like you, who puts her pants on one leg at a time. If she doesn't reply, forget about her, if she does reply, awesome. Now is your chance, take it. :)

    • Yeah, now it just figuring out what to say to her lol.

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  • well, that's your chance right? go ahead and message her!

  • u can date me lol


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