Girls, what do you need from a guy?

Height Preference
Skin Colour
Or is it all about physical features?


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  • I like guys who are manly, but are sweet on occasion. Like they have a wall up in front of everyone, but they let it down when they're around me. I don't know I just think that's really cute. :p
    I don't really have a height preference, I'm pretty short, so as long as you're taller than me I don't care lol. I've dated guys who are 5'7 all the way up to 6'2, all were equally handsome in my eyes lol
    I prefer guys who are darker, like hispanic or black. That's just what I tend to find attractive, but if a lighter skinned guy crossed my path, I would be open minded and also give him a chance.
    I don't care if a guy plays sports, that's not important to me.

    Physical features are important because you have to be physically attracted to the person you're with, but they're not the main focus in a relationship.. in my opinion. :)


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  • need honest love from a guy...
    physically i can't date one who is shorter than mine... don't know why...

  • I Like guys that are atlease a foot taller than me (: well build , and a nice personality. If he's super good looking , but is a jerk/we dont get along. I wouldn't date him !

  • To be honest I just like a guy who can make me laugh, has nice hair and biceps, and likes to cuddle.


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