I have not stopped wanting him, what should I do?

3 months ago i met this guy at a cousins birthday and he asked for my number, we talked only for 2 weeks, hung out twice in those two weeks and the second time we hung out we made out, we stopped talking cause literally in one day he completely changed and said he realized he doesn't want a relationship right now, i respected that although it was kind of messed up how he handled the situation. I didn't have a problem with him honestly but the first time we saw each other after we stopped talking we both ignored each other no hi's or bye's then i saw him again after and again no acknowledgement. I don't know if he never said hi to me because he didn't give two shits about me or if he felt guilty or thought i would be mad at him idk. I've also seen him at the gym about 20 times and we've never said anything to each other, although once we somewhat smirked/smiled at each other thats about it. I know he is the type of person that would have talked to me if he wanted to or if he had any interest in me and he has not but that doesn't stop me from liking him and i don't know what to do about it.
I've been wanting to say hi to him at least once at the gym to see if he responds normally or if it will make him say hi to me after my initial hi and if he doesn't start saying hi i know i have to move on but i dont know why i can't move on right now.
In the 3 months that we've stopped talking I've met some nice guys and i'm talking to one right now and he's very sweet but all i think about when i talk to this new guy is the guy who dropped me so easily.
What is wrong with me? lol
Any body have any opinions on what i should do to help me get over him faster? or do you guys think its a good idea to just say Hi to him once to let him no i have no problem with him? any other suggestions or opinions are welcome no matter how harsh or honest they are lol


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  • You need closure. Look just ask the guy if he likes you that way and if he says no, erase him completely from your life.