In about two weeks and it's mine and my boyfriend's one year anniversary and I have absolutely no idea what to get him! Help!?

He's sixteen.
Likes Xbox.
Likes MMA (Multi Martial Arts).
Clash Of Clans.
And he's a typical sixteen year old guy.
I just really have no idea what to get him.
I really want it to be special.
The most I can pay is $25 dollars!

I also want it to be creative. I love him to death. In the past year he has spent so much money on me, because he gets more money than I do. I'm so stuck on what to do though. I've got him photo frames with pictures, chocolates & made cute cards.


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  • Just a suggestion: If you've got time and creativity, hand-craft something. It may end up costing 2 dollars in materials but it's the awesomest, cutest and most special thing you can do for a guy.

    The next best thing you can do for him is to buy him a new Gibson Les Paul.

    (Then again, I don't know what sixteen year olds are like. I can't even relate to my past experience - I wasn't exactly a "typical sixteen year old")


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  • It could be anything, something small or anything else. As long as you show him that you love him, that should be enough. True love is special those days.

  • https://www. gifts. com/anniversary/man/ob6RkVYDa

    Just remember to take the space out between gifts. com and www. gifts

    Hope that helped


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