Please stop me overthinking, I really want this to work?

I have anxiety & tend to over think things.
For the last week or so I have been really good & been seeing this guy.
We have tried something multiple times this year but my anxiety issues always ruin it. We have been so happy together this last week or so, I can see it going places. I don't want to lose him.

I have started feeling a bit anxious so i thought I'd write it here so you could tell me i'm being silly and make me feel better maybe?

We pretty much hung out everyday this week. He initiated for once, not me. He would cuddle me, kiss me, leave cute kisses on my head & cheek when i wasn't looking.

Thursday: We hung out @ his & went for lunch, we lay on his bed for a while and cuddled until his sister came to go back to their home town to work for the weekend. He hugged me & kissed me goodbye.
Later i messaged him to say goodbye (because his sister & friend kind of ruined it being there). He said that i was the best thing that happened all day, but he was in bad mood & the convo stopped pretty abruptly. Later I messaged to see if the mood was me or in general he said "In general. Stress less :)".
Later that night he also liked a status of mine.

I know he works at home pretty much 9am-12am, sucks @ communication in general, and doesn't talk to me at home anyway. I know our week was perfect but I think I am beginning to overthink!

Please stop me in my tracks, I REALLY want this to work out!


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  • You are over thinking and you know it. So convince yourself.. that's it. Everything is on right track.


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