He stopped seeing cause someone from his past came back.. what should I do?

My friend and I got really close over this summer, sometimes it felt like we were dating even though it wasn't officially. He was really distant for a few weeks and then he told me he's recently been seeing someone he used to like. He's been trying to get with her for the past three years and things are finally starting to work between them.

I understand I can't compete with her cause they have history but so do we. It took her three years to realize how amazing he is but it only took me a few of even knowing him to like him.. I want him to be happy with whoever he's with but at the same time I can't help but feel like he just tossed me aside. I can't do anything other than let him figure this out but I don't know how to act like "just a friend" around him.


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  • You are so sweet... But this is life...
    People generallyvlove those who doesn't like them back. I know it's stupidity but it's reality.
    You must distance yourself from him. But my advice to you... never fall for him in future if he fails out with her.


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