Seriously? (dating one girl and her gf is trying to get with me too)

Honestly, Im 26. And I dont have time for drama like this... This one girl that I've known for about 10 years, me and her have finally decided to start taking things to the next level. Problem is, her best friend is on my shit, and I haven't done anything to try to get her best friend on my shit. Actually, i hardly even know her best friend. I meet her bestfriend like last week to tell you guys the truth. Anyways long story short, after meeting her best friend, this girl goes and adds me to facebook. Like i don't know how she even found me cause the girl im into doesn't even have facebook.

Question is, why do woman at no matter what age, do these types of things? Honestly? I told her friend im not interested on facebook, yet she continues to send me naked pictures of herself.. Yea its cool and all, and clearly you just want to get stuffed, but honestly its sooo annoying. Plus the girl that im into, we already have crazy sex, so why is this one soooo presistent on getting on my shit. The girl im into is my age, 26, and her best friend is 29!!! Like you would expect a 29 year old to have more class/elegance... I don't know what her deal is. I want to tell the girl im seeing that her best friend is sending me pics of her flower and is trying to get me into bed.. But i dont wanna cause any drama... How should i handle? Simple block and or delete? I still have to see this girl sometimes if I date the one im into you guys have to remeber...

Another thing, when I chill with the one im into, and her friends around, she is none stop on me. Like its so sad, i have to tell the girl to stop acting like a slew sometimes infront of the one im into... Its annoying. What should I do? I dont wanna hurt or jepardise the one im talking too.


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  • Because women are hyper competitive. Her friend is doing one of two things. First, she sees your GF into you, so in her mind, you must be the shit. So now she wants you. The other possibility is that you're being tested by the GF to see how loyal you are.

    If you really like your GF, I think you need to cover your ass and let her know what her friend is doing.

    • I don't know if its the test thing. It could be that. But I do know that her friend normally gets off from professional guys like me. LIke ones that have a career, and have finished school. Thats what the girl who I am seeing has told me, and is caked with money.. I don't know its just upsetting. And if the girl im seeing is doing this, its really upsetting to hear this right now... But you may be very correct on that one...

      Eugh im not sure how i should play my cards... I want to tell the one that im seeing that her friend is doing this. I think that will be the best move, but at the sametime, i dont want a love triangle drama or anythig.. Im too old for that.. And its such a waste of time... eugh stupid woman...

    • I agree with you. If you get a chance to tell your "side" first, then you can be sure that the truth will get to your GF first. Mention that this crazy bitch won't leave you alone. Better than her getting caught and saying "well he's pressuring me to send the nudes, I don't want to". girls are very good at playing victim.

    • Yea, i dont think her friend has any way of play "victum" since i have the whole convo on my facebook. LOL And I haven't initiated anything.. LOL I just dont need a drama weekend thats all.. I know the one thats into me is gonna snap for sure. Not on me, but i dont need feeling like upset and shit cause her pussy side kick is acting a whore you know? Anyways im gonna tell her soon, just gotta figure a way to bring it up. Im thinking just be straight and say, yo your friends a whore, because of this this and this. Anyways well see.

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  • That's the sad thing about a lot of women, they will do anything to get a guy, no matter if they have to hurt their own best friend. Maybe you should tell your girlfriend, so your girlfriend knows what kind of friend she really has.

  • You need to block her. It's one thing to have drama in your life
    But it's another thing to still have that door opened to welcome more drama. Yes it's not your fault but at the same time you are in control of how you react.


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  • you're so lucky man LOL

    • Not really. This has happened to me too many times, and the out comes most of the time are bad if the situation isn't handled properly.

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    • Im far from narrow minded. If your a good person, and you do good things and pay it forward. God will repay you. Stop acting like ur hurting and accept the fact that you won't be first.

    • yeah when it's asked, every people answer they're not narrow-minded, yeah i believe you , ok?