How do I work on a relashionship with the guy who likes me?

We both like each other but his work hours are crazy. He works graveyard shift. When I'm up he's sleeping and when he's up he's getting ready for work or is at work. We live at opposite ends of the same state. He doesn't like to drive. we meter Skype only text. What do I do? How do I go about making this work?

  • Date him because you two like each other.
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  • Don't date him because it will never work.
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  • Well both will have to really want this and be understanding and mature to make this work. Trust each other. All I know is you will have to text keep conversation flowing when you can. Try to make time for each other even if it just a few hours. Feel things out. If this is really want you want try to see if it can work if both can't put some time and all I would hold off or look for someone that will.

    • Thank you that puts a lot of things in perspective for me. We do talk when we can it's just right now seems like a hassle because everything going on.

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    • Thank you. I hope I help.

    • You really do help.

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