He wants friends with benefits, but I don't?

As we were looking for different things, I told him we should just go our separate ways. We'd not known each other long.
Now he won't stop calling me, and is acting as if I'm rude for ignoring him. Am I rude to ignore him now?
We aren't looking for the same things, so why pursue it?


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  • dont do it he just wants to use u dont b stupid.. if he really liked u he would be with u..

    • That's why I'm just ignoring him, but he seems to think I'm rude for doing so?

    • bullshit he's rude , he's the one trying to be slick over here..

    • trust me somone will come around and treat u how u deserve

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  • No its your body, heart, and decision if u don't want to be friends with benefits then dont do it


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