First time meeting a girl?

I met this girl on tinder (absolutley beautiful) and I'm pretty sure she's not in it for the hooking up so when I ask her out, should it be more of a casual meet up like just getting a drink or should I go for an actual date? I live in Kansas City so if I do the date, I was going to suggest going for a walk on the plaza at night and just picking a random place to eat. Thoughts?

I was also considering having her meet at a bar or club downtown...


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  • A great type of "first date" is one where you meet for something super casual, but have a couple other things in mind in case things are going well.

    For example, maybe you meet for coffee at some place, talk for a bit, then if it sucks you guys go your separate ways, but if things are going great, you mention that you're hungry and this awesome food place nearby you want to try.

    Keep it in phases like that so it can be anywhere between casual meet up or actual date.


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  • The whole point of tinder is that it's a hook up app.

    • Yeah I know. And that's mainly what I've been using it for. But in talking to this girl, a think there might be something there

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