What happens if you report somebody who violated a restraining order?

im overseas deployed and i think my boyfriend is using me for my money. he suppose to have had a order of protection against his ex girlfrienfd which was hard to do because he kept putting false informatjon down about her. he said he reported her because she was texting him still. i called to check there isn't a report about her texting him. if she was reported would they go pick her up? his mom and i got him to file an order of protection but their court date is next Wednesday for the official. do you think he will get it taken off and they will start talking again? it took him a whole year and up to the time i was deployed to stop talking to her. he filed it the day i was leaving and i have a copy. he put false information down still and thTs how he got it done, it took him a whole year to do everything he said he was gonna do. i had to go get his mom to have all this to happen including the lrder of protection done. he even admitted to answering dome of her calls.


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  • you get arrested for violating a restraining order however in most places if a person contacts a person with a restraining order the order is nullified. so essentially if he calls her the order is not in effect and in most cases the entire order is then invalidated.

    • so that means the court could drop it. i read the affadavit he wrote all lies he has no evidence of whag he said. their court date to get the permanent one is on wedneaday

    • if a person sort of voluntarily allows a person to break a restraining order (that is email, text or respond to a that stuff) then essentially the order is broken... otherwise people could file a restraining order and then sort of entrap the person in it

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  • i believe they get arrested and face the appropriate punishment.

    • well i guess he lied

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    • well i can't tell you what to think or do but i can tell you what i see. he said he would do something and he didn't follow through. he went behind your back. and yet he did all of this while in a relationship with you. even his own mom is trying to help:P brutally honest, he seems pathetic and totally not worth your time, right now at least. im not saying what he did is unforgivable but it isn't right. and he's the one allowind the RO to be violated so what the hell? just wait this one out a bit and see how things progress, dont wait for too long though.

    • hope so

  • they'll probably go to jail


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