Does she really like me?

okay so i am this chatsite
and you can chat with a lot of people
well that is the idea of a chat site
you can also talk to different people at the same time
and i met this girl and i like her
she didn't know if she liked me
until she found out that i was also talking to other girls
she got mad and she got jealous
and she said to me i dont know why i get upset like this i think i have feelings for you and i already told her i am not giving any money and she is fine with that she didn't asked for it so thats fine
and she also says everytime when
she will be back online to me
but i dont know if she really likes me or not


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  • Yeah cause she got jealous and cause she is reminding you that her interest in you is genuine.

    • in what way does she remind me?

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    • Yes. Oh come on. Show me a picture. I bet you are not fat.

    • well i have stretch marks on my stomach and upper arms and the doctor said the main reason your lower back hurts is because of the fact that i am overweight

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