He stares at me from far away but then up close he never looks at me he always looks atthe floor or straight ahead when he does talk to me?

So we work together he's really confusing I don't understand him at all.. He told my friend that he might see a connection between me and him a while ago but I never did anything about it cuz I didn't know what it meant to him because he flirts with all the girls we work with but then he moved out west because he got a job there and he would always text me and ask how I'm doing and we would text a lot but then I messaged him and was like I miss you everyone at work wants you to come home and he never said anything back.. Then he came home a couple months after I said that and all of his friends kept asking if were dating and there's a rumour going around that were dating and that we use to talk which we did talk but then he kept liking my friends picture like most of them and when he got back we didn't talk things got really awkward and it wasn't like it use to be but now he always stares at me he came out for my birthday and bought me a drink then we were in the kitchen and he started talking to me a little but when he talks to me he doesn't look me in the eyes it's always looking on the ground or sometimes he looks straight ahead.. My friends said that he does like me and he's just hiding his feelings his one friend was out with all of us the one night and I went to go pay for my tab then as I was paying his friend was like your crush isn't even gonna pay for you and I'm like nooooo and he's like smiling and his friends always ask me if were dating.. And when my crush looks at me he doesn't smile or anything it's just a blank face..


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  • I just don't think he's that into you. I work with some hot girls and I'll check them out from a distance but I think their personalities are horrible and never speak with them (total bitches/attention whores) . Although they look good I want nothing to do with them.


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