How do ou feel aout ethnicities becoming a trend?

The new current trend it Asian girls. I know you're like, 'Why do you even care?' I usually stay away from these types of trends, but lately people have been acting really annoying.

I happened to be talking to an Asian girl (not calling them out, I love Anna Akana). She starts bragging about how western guys like Asian girls and telling me all these generalizing things.
Which really made me vexed. Because I don't think you would be bragging about how a guy that told you Asian girls have tight vaginas on a date O. o
That's like saying all Asian girls are short. Plus some Asian girls have small opening because of their size.
Duh, like read a book.

Or that a lot of Caucasian guys think all African girls just love them. Not everyone's obessed with skin color.

I wish people would stop bragging about steriotypical things. There's more to life then steriotypes. Like get over yourself.


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  • Uh... I'm white, I MEAN CAUCASIAN (Gotta be PC nowadays) and I have no interests in race trends. I like women who I personally find attractive, regardless of race. And I don't "brag" about types of women that "like" me. I'll also probably get blasted for saying this, but out of all the women I find attractive or matching with my preferences, usually Asian women come is last place. So don't assume yourself that Western men luvvvv Asian women.

    Now yes, I agree this whole racial loyalty crap that's going on today is pretty stupid. I've seen enough of it in real life and on the internet. However, those people just suck and there's always going to be sucky people in life. You just have to learn how to deal with them.

  • This stuff sounds like you've dealt with a lot of real life trolls. :-P


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  • haven't you heard society is fucked up nowadays - neurologists or was it psychologists diagnosed 50% of the world's population with schizophrenia and other mental diseases or retardation so I just consider people who believe these kind of stereotypes to be part of that 50% and I still do not understand as to why people care about race - its as if we are more racists or common to hate one another in this age when that is illegal yet...

    I do not know - some people are very amusing to me