Do you write hugs to the opposite sex if you like them?

I like this guy. I'm pretty sure he likes me back too but he has not told me. I haven't asked but plan on it next time we chat. He seems really shy but always talks to me, texts me early am, texts me late his time. He send me hugs for the first time ever during our friendship two days ago. We have been just friends for nine years. Does this mean he likes me?

This is serious question


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  • nine years is friendzone, of course he likes you but maybe not sexually.

    • Haha normally I would think I've been friendzoned but he recently started acting strange (sending texts to me all hours of the day\night, initiating convos, asking me when I'm going to move to where he lives, etc) so I'm not sure what to think!

    • Hmmmmmm. I geuss you hang out with him and see if physical flirting (kino) starts, then I'd say yeah you could at least try to get things sexual but be warned it may ruin/destroy your friendship or change it to something different.

    • We are going to meet up soon so yeah. I'm already prepared for that.. If it goes there awesome but in a sense I'm prepared for him not too like me. I would think these things means he does

What Girls Said 1

  • No, I only send hugs to my mortal enemies.

    The grey cells are there to be used.

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