Does he like me? Is he interested?

He is in the same class with me and we both know each other since a year in college. This guy often gives me secret glances when he thinks I am not noticing him. That day he was standing next to me, and I happened to turn my face towards him, he turned his eyes away immediately. He also complimented over my hairstyle and eye make up once by looking at my Facebook display photo. Whenever I share my family problems with him, he always advises me how to deal with that. He always said to me that I am a sweet soul, innocent and kind hearted. I am also FEMALE CLASS MONITOR. That day our MALE CLASS MONITOR was having a photo with our teacher in a class party, I saw this guy turning towards me and saying "you should also have a photo with teacher. After all you are also a class monitor". Four days back, I was extremely ill and was alone at home. He read my Facebook status and gave me a call, told me to take rest and proper medicine. Then one of my childhood friend told me (who is not from our college), he messaged her on Facebook in a two days and requested her to take me to a hospital saying that I am not well and she should take me to hospital. At that time he was not in the town. I just want to know if the guy likes me or is just taking care of me as a normal person?


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  • I am virtually certain that he likes you hands down. He's complimenting you and trying to take care of you. Even going as far as contacting your bff. He's also staring at you from a distance which is a huge sign of interest. I've seen similar behaviors with girls who have liked me in the past. The bottom line is they show concern, stare, and on it goes... Next time you are not sure about something in the social arena, ask yourself how would you behave if there was a guy you really liked who was in your class, friends with on facebook, and very sick? I have no doubt you would also be concerned as well (Maybe look back at how you behaved with your ex boyfriends!)
    - Hope this helped!


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