How long should you be in a relationship with someone before you talk about having sex?

my boyfriend and I have been official for 5 months. I'm a virgin and he isn't. He's never talked about sex before with me and I feel like I want to have sex with him. Is 5 months too soon to talk about it? He's 21 and I'm 18 by the way so he's more experienced so it's weird he hasn't talked about it with me yet? Does he even want it


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  • 5 months is fine. He hasn't brought it up out of respect bc you're a Virgin. Next time, just guide him into you. And say "I'm sure"


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  • 5 months is too long. If I haven't had sex with a woman by the third or fourth date its not gonnna work between us and I move on.

  • I don't talk about it, until it's already happened.
    That's never been less than about 4 hours, because sex takes time. It's normally not much longer than 12 hours of actual face to face contact.


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