I like him, but not enough to introduce him to my family. Time to cut the ties?

We haven't been dating very long, but he's been asking about when we're going to introduce one another to our families. I just… don't really want to to be honest. I don't feel like things are serious and I feel like that gives him the impression that they are. My parents don't even know that I am dating him. At the same time, I just kind of don't feel like… I don't know… maybe we haven't been dating long enough, but I just don't know if he's ever going to be a guy I take home to my parents. I mean, we haven't even been together for two months. Maybe I'll change my mind… I don't know! My gut feeling is telling me that maybe if I don't feel this way now I never will. So do I break up with him? :(

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So... it ended... it all blew up in my face quickly. He kept pushing and I said I wasn't ready. He got pushier and clingier... I mean, calling me 3x in a row when I didn't answer, wouldn't text me. Just messy. It needed to end. I always sensed it.


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  • If you see a future with him then keep him around. Once you stop seeing a future with him, then I'd break it off as it isn't fair to either of you. I know a couple where they have been together over a year and the guy still hasn't introduced her to his mom because he doesn't trust his mom and isn't ready. It's about where you see the relationship going and not how quickly it gets there.

    • Yeah, my parents are intense. It'd bring on such a whole new dimension to the dating world. Just seems too early. It's not that I don't see a future with him. I just want to be sure before my parents meet him. Any other bf's they've met in the past… oh man, I never hear the end of "how awful they were blah blah" if things don't work out. I just want to be more sure I guess.

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    • That's exactly how it is with my friend and his girlfriend. He thinks his mom is psycho and isn't ready for the next step. It's been less than 2 months. You're fine.

    • Thanks for most helpful. Hope things are going well.

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  • cut your losses with him, he obviously not that serious about you, if he doesn't want you to meet his parents. say goodbye to him.

  • lol you're thinking of cutting it off because a guy wants to meet your parents? Considering you are a girl and you're saying this, yes, lmao, cut it off.

    • We aren't even serious and it has been under 2 months… doesn't it seem soon? idk. I can't decide.

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    • haha no it's not...

    • Maybe you just have bad decision making skills.

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  • You are wasting both his time and yours. And to be honest it's quite selfish. Do yourself a favor and him a favor by breaking up with him. Besides sexual gratification or whatever, the purpose of a relationship is to see if you have a future ahead of you. You've made it clear that you see no future with him. Say buh bye:)

    • Idk… I do like him a lot… it's just… I feel like I'd only take a guy to my parents that I'd consider marrying… We've been together less than 2 months.

    • Then if you like him. Hold on, and give it and him time. Just tell him and I'm sure he'll understand and appreciate your honesty. Whatever you do I hope you makethe right decision for you and him. I wish you the best (:

    • Thanks… I think I'm just trying to get some perspective from other people. I've been so lost in my own thoughts.

  • You dont have to break up with him just tell him your not ready. I ve been seeing my guy six months he still hasn't met my family

    • Yeah… I don't know… It's not that I don't like him. I just have a really intense family and there would be tons of questions and I just don't feel like answering them nor do I feel like necessarily have them.

    • Oh yeah i totally understand that. I just finally asked my guy if he wanted to meet my sister. Only cause she had been asking to meet him. Im worried he won't like my family cause my family can be embarrassing sometimes

  • First off, that's way too soon to be bringing him home if it hasn't been two month. If he's taking it that fast and you don't feel like it's serious, break it off. Always follow your gut feeling.

    • Yeah, I think that is what I am feeling. I think I am feeling him want to show me off to his family right now… and me just wanting to get to know him more. We've only known each other for 2 months. We didn't before that. It just all seems fast… and then I worry that he likes me more… or that it hasn't been long enough.. or that my feelings won't change. I don't know. I just don't.

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    • Yeah… that's kind of how it feels… what if it's just that we aren't going at the same pace? I mean, does that mean we won't ever?

    • That's really not the case. I was in a similar situation with my current boyfriend. We were going at a different pace but once I explained it to him, he slowed down so that we were at the same pace. If a guy truly wants to make it work, he will listen and together you will find a common ground.

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