Help with this text message from a girl?

Help with this text message from a girl I met in college last year. We became friends at that time so texting is not a problem between us. In this conversation, we discuss how she's doing and our plan to go to an amusement park. This is all I have so far, but regardless I am really confused here? Can you guys help me out and evaluate this conversation? My question is, what was she REALLY trying to say? Did she want me to become jealous of this guy, and make me say something? Was she trying to stop the conversation?

Me: Heyy!
Her: Hey :)
Me: How are you today? It was so nice out!
Her: Good!! I was with (Name) I don't know if you remember?
How about you?
Me: I'm good yea! (Name) the kid you guys when for ice cream next to (Place)
Her: Lol yes him! he's such a good guy :)
Me: Oh good my memory is still good. That's good =D
So for Wednesday? Are you set for it?
Her: Yesss :)! He really likes me though o. o
Me: Owhhh he does? Well the question is, do you like him back?
Everyone is going to be there at 12 so like 11 we can leave
Her: I like him but I don't want a relationship or be with anyone I just want to have fun in a healthy way but he reallyyyy likes me. Okay ill let my mom know so hopefully I can!


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  • Dude She likes you but not in a BF way

    She might want to make you feel bad possible =

    Or let you know that if you like her she doesn't want to be a in a relationship with you

    I don't want to be mean but those are really easy to spot

    Plus I do this this my friend that is a boy he wants to be something more than friends but i don't want to so yea

    Or maybe she wants you to ask her you never know

    Either those 3 choices

    The 3rd option is like a 3% chance she wants you to

    Anyway, hope this helped! =]

    • The first 2 thoughts, how sure are you about them?

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    • Hmm let see about like 40% for the 1st and 2nd 57%

      Trust me I've been in this before

      Follow me peeps!

    • In the conversation she said she likes that other kid but isn't ready for a relationship yet. And you are sure she wanted me to ask her out. That 57 percent?

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  • This opinion is not to be offensive to you, but to be as honest as possible:

    She's being a nice douche.

    She doesn't want you to like her and wants you to know that she's interested in another guy so that you can fuck off.

    I know because I do this to my guy friend who I just wanna be friends with and not anything else.

    Or maybe she's obviously making u jealous and feel bad.

    Yeah because I did that to my guy friend too.

    • Well, she knows I like another girl and she knows I'm suffering from it because that girl doesn't like me back. So I don't think she was being a douche or anything

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    • Really interesting you said that. Could it be that she likes me back a little bit? Otherwise this got a bit troublesome...

  • I do not think there is anything weird about this text, she means what she says but you might want to bear in mind that she could be trying to make you jealous about that guy who likes her because she repeats it a lot, OR she wants to show you she is wanted by other men. Anyways I would perceive the fact that she does not want to be with him positively.

    • Hmm... Well she told me that guy is nice but she doesn't see herself with him. So you are right with that.

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