I don't understand why?

There is something i really don't understand about my girlfriend. Okay, first of all, she's never really had a boyfriend before. Her "ex" we could say was someone she frequented a lot in her past.(nothing sexual) They weren't together per se, but he knew about her feelings for him and he kinda took advantage of that, the first time they kissed he abruptly stuck his tongue in her mouth and she didn't like any of it, he kissed other girls and treated her like complete garbage. Now she's with me (her first real bf) and she says she's never felt so well treated and she says she loves me more than anything and she is completely in love with me. Thing is she feels bad for this dude because of his family problems. She is a good person but how can you still feel bad for someone who treated you like a piece of scrap?
It just frustrates me so much that she can still adhere such respect to a total asshole.


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  • Well, it's just how some of us are. We have more compassion for others. One of my exs beat the crap out of mme, threw me down stairs and cheated on me, but I cared so much for him so I basically grew compassion, so even when his side girls cheated on him or something, I felt bad. She's probably just a compassionate person, and he must've meant something important to her in her life before, because he is her first "experience" in terms of love life.


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  • If she had really strong feelings for him she can't help it. It happens. Just tell her how much you hate how he treated her and how you'd never treat her like that.


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