What happened between us? Why is he acting like this?

So, this guy who is friend's with my friend got my number after meeting me for the first time, and for the past month we've been texting and calling constantly. We've hungout a few times and have made out and hooked up and stuff, and it was cool. I hungout with him Monday, and we had a lot of fun and he seemed really into me and excited to see me since I hadn't seen him for a week. So, he told me to call him when I got home, but since he had to get up early, he told me to call him tomorrow. I told him I would, but never got to it because usually he texts me, but now I realize I just shoulda texted him Tuesday, but I was afraid too. So, he texts me Wednesday, but he seemed kind of distant, and took a while to answer my text messages. He's been acting like this since Tuesday and it's Friday. I saw him today, and he he talked to me and acted like he normally does when we're in public, but, he kept looking at my friend the way he looks at me, and I noticed and he realized I noticed but just smiled at me. Like, he wanted to intentionally make me jealous. But, I drove him home, and when I got to his house, he hugged me as went in for a kiss and then told me to call him, but text him first. So I texted him get and we talked for a few minutes, but it's been like 4 hours now. I don't understand what happened. Why are his texts so concise and not like they used to and why is he doing this to me?


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