I know one day I'll have a guy and finally be in a relationship... but I'll still be alone?

I've been in the dating thing for years now.
I don't care what anyone says. Guys are jerks. Nice guys are only temporary. Soon they start showing their real colors.

But that's not my point. I've been dating long enough to know I will never truly have a Guy's heart. That they'll secretly cheat on me. In reality or fantasy.
I used to want a relationship, but there is no such thing as the right guy.
Guys only want to be sexually pleased. That's why there are whores and strip clubs.
I honestly wish I was cold hearted and a total b*tch, life would be better.
Guys only used you to their advantage. They don't care about your feelings or everything you've done to surprise them or make them feel special. They just care about their needs.
I'll never be good enough. I don't think relationships are for me. I give up on love. Guys, lately, have given me more reasons why I'm better without them.


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  • I feel the same way about girls:

    -They Make the guy do everything in the relationship
    -Wait for the guy to initiate contact (calling, texting, planning dates)
    -Waiting for the guy to initiate affection and romantic gestures (kissing, hugging, initiating cuddling, holding hands, doing sweet things etc…)
    -Make the guy pay for everything
    -Rarely show the guy that they are interested because they are busy letting him show interest in them because it makes them feel special and they only care about the guy making them special rather than themselves making the guy feel special

    -They Tell friends everything that goes on in the relationship and violating the guy's privacy
    -Everything the guy does and says
    -Everything that happens in the bedroom
    -Commenting on the guy's skills in the bedroom
    -Talking to their friends about the guy's penis (telling friends boyfriend's penis size, appearance etc…)
    -Telling friends boyfriend's secrets/boyfriends medical history/how much money the boyfriend makes/how long the boyfriend lasts in bed (Most personal details)

    I feel like I will never find girl who can make me feel wanted because girls only care about what they can get from the relationship. Most girls don't do things to surprise their boyfriends and make them feel special. Its extremely rare to find a girl who will actually do that. Most girls only care about themselves


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  • That's such an attractive attitude. Who wouldn't want to be with a girl who thinks guys are all so awful. /sarcasm

    If you don't fix it the reality is that your resentment and mistrust will poison every relationship you're in. You'll never appreciate the things he does for you because you'll suspect he's doing them for the sex. You'll try to control his friendships and snoop around, violating his privacy trying to expose the cheating you "know" is happening. You'll fight over dumb shit because you will never let the truth he speaks end the argument. There are weak ass dudes who will soldier on, but women are, by and large, never attracted to these types of men. The good dudes you might actually want will say "fuck this" because there are women out there who will actually trust and appreciate them.

  • acctually there are those of us out there that do care, a relationship isn't just about sex, while sex is important its notthing make all be all of a relationship, by the sound of it you have just have rather a long run in with jerks and sas a guy i apologise for how you have been treated as clearly its not how you should have been or deserve to be!

  • Maybe you are looking in the wrong places. I never hade a girl friend but then again I don't want to be with 100 different girls. If I can I would only want to be with one that I truly love or at most 10 girlfriends. And how only men that you talk to think the way that all men think I'm not like a normal man, I would care for my girlfriend or I would not date her. I would do anything for her even if it doesn't help me only as long as she's happy I'm happy.


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