Getting my ex boyfriend back but this one issue PLEASE HELP ANYONE?

So I do admit I'm not always the best girlfriend and I change when I get into a relationship. But I dated some guy and totally changed because it's obviously been a problem. My ex from awhile ago and I have been getting along VERY well lately but he still has that bad girlfriend image in his head. From everything he's been saying he does like me just he doesn't know I changed. How do I get him to know without just plain out saying it? PLEASE HELP


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  • In total honesty, you are for a very, very uphill battle due to the fact that after a relationship ends and people create a perception of someone, it is incredibly difficult to alter it without actions to prove otherwise. However, it is difficult to answer this question without sufficient information. Why are you/were you a "bad girlfriend"?

    • Well when we were together I was still young and dumb. Because of this I expected a lot from him, I whined, and was bossy. Thinking about it is just irritating

    • Whining and being bossy doesn't make you a "bad girlfriend". It simply makes you incompatible with him. I was expecting something terrible. If what you are saying is the case, it is likely more so an issue with how you two mesh as I doubt you complained just to hear your voice.

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  • Why don't you want to tell him so? I think that would be a lot easier than beating around the bush.

    Try to be an adult.

    • I really don't see the need for the comment at the end. Some people find being direct like in this situation to be needy, cocky, or otherwise ignorant