I'm so confused as to what we are, what's your thoughts? Kinda long sorry?

So I've been seeing this guys for a little while now and we have had sex, we go on at least 1-2 dates a week and last night we went out for tea and we were driving past a pub and he seen one of his old mates and he suggested we go in and say hi, so we ended up going there for half an hour or so and his mate clearly asked if I was his girlfriend and he didn't say anything just stood there and smiled. When we left we went back to my house and he was talking to my mum and dad for ages (at the beginning of us talking we decided on not meeting family's) and they get along so well, he ended up staying at my house and we stayed up for hours talking and he told me he likes me but he's trying to figure out if he wants a relationship (he's previously said he may ask me out soon) and in the morning we went out for breakfast. I just want to know what you guys think we are, my parents think we're dating but I have no idea what we are doing


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  • if he is giving you time spending money and dedicating attention to you means he likes you and wants to be with you, it is enough, he needs to know that you want him or love him or want to be his girl so he can tell you so, men are generally do not speak their emotions at least not in a very strong way like women because we think it is a weakness that makes a guy lose his value and look like pussy and make the girl run away


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