What's the best way to ask a girl out without messing it up?

I'm trying to ask this girl out that I like, but I want to know how to do it & what to say.

I'm doing it in person, and I'm going to do it in private, but would asking her to "hang out" or "go to the movies"?

Thanks for the help & if you have any ways you asked someone out, I'd appreciate it.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Don't just ask to "hang out" if you seriously want to date the girl! Girls LOVE it when guys have plans and are clear with their intentions. Trust me, if you leave it vague she will spend the whole night questioning if you're interested and blah blah blah because we are girls and we overthink everything. Also, id say movies over the mall. Good luck! :)

    • Ok. Would the movies be a better option than dinner?


    • It depends on your taste i think. If you go to a dinner, you get to sit down and really talk and get to know her. Where with a movie its just sitting in a dark room, maybe a bit of cuddling, and a goodbye. Whatever you prefer dude!

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What Girls Said 2

  • Just be bold, and say it straight out - it might be easier over text (which is totally fine :) - "Do you want to chill sometime/go out together?" or if you get your confidence up whack "I like you" before it. A good way to work this up is, ask something along the line of "do you wanna hear something honest?" :)

    • I thought it'd be easier in person, as via text, it's easier to not reply or say no. I'll see how I do it though.


  • Tbh it depends on the girl, what does she like? What does she like doing? Asking a girl out doesn't always have to be something extreme, if she's laid back go and do something you'll both enjoy go somewhere casual. Or if you think she'll enjoy a dinner date then ask her. Just remember do something where the environment will keep you both comfortable so you both have a blast and it doesn't feel like a first date even though it is.

    • I know she loves running, so would it be weird/strange to ask her to go running sometime? I'm sort of bad in dinner situations, so I don't want to ask her to dinner & only say like 10 words to her...

What Guys Said 1

  • 1st date. No movie dates- awkward, come out with a zombie face.
    Lunch date- hell no. it's for friends' dates, u can't escalate things much with daylight.
    Coffee or dinner date is most preferable.