Should I be worried? That she doesn't text back sometimes?

I and this girl have been seeing each other. We already went out together twice. And she said she had a great time with me after this two dates. Sometimes when i text her to ask her out, she doesn't text back. (I can't ask her out face to face because we can't see each other in person.) Then i would have to text a second time only then will she say yes. But last week when i asked her out she said she can't and said maybe next week. So when next week came i asked her out again. She said "tomorrow can't again. sorry. pls don't hate me :( ". when i asked why she said it's because her bro is gonna leave for a uni soon and she wants to spend a fews weekends with her. (She only goes back home on the weekends, she lives near her college on the weekdays). Is this an excuse? (Our dates are also only on the weekends.) So, she sometimes don't text me back and i have to text her a second time to get a reply, is this a cause for concern? Is she not interested in me anymore?


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  • She wants to spend time with her brother before he leaves for uni.. why is that a excuse? It seems reasonable to me. Family is important for many people. As for her texting, it's impossible to say as she could just be bad at texting and go through phases where she's very busy and can't talk. Maybe it's time to ask her if you two are on the same page and if she's still interested. It's a valid question and you should know where you stand with her.


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