Is it worth having an interfaith relationship with a Jewish woman despite that her parents or family may be more likely to disapprove interfaith?

relationships and marriages since it basically goes against their beliefs?

I've met this Jewish woman through my friend's kickback at his house just several months ago and she seems interested in me romantically when we were getting to know each other more and as a Latino (Mexican-American) catholic male, I honestly would never expect a White Jewish woman to have some romantic interest in me in my lifetime. Being that I'm Latino, since I'm more used to thick and voluptuous women (which are sort of my preference), I used to think there's not a lot of thick and voluptuous Jewish women until I've met this Jewish woman.

Anyways, I don't know if she's a traditional/orthodox-type of Jew or not. Probably not since she came into my friend's house for a kickback, smoking a couple of hookah pens. I'm still friends with her and chat with her socially through text message or Facebook but I just felt that there's no point to trying and interfaithfully have a relationship, since it might be a red flag to her family that I am a Catholic/Christian. Idk, what do you guys think of my current decision?


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  • Well, she's definitely not Orthodox, I'll give you that! She may be traditional, but she is most likely reformed. Although it seems like a weird cultural mix, if you both like each other it shouldn't be a problem. Don't let those types of barriers get in the way. Sure, her parents may want her to find a nice Jewish man, (I get that from my papa all the time) sometimes it just doesn't happen that way. My parents had to deal with this. My mother is 100% Jewish and my father was not. My papa (grandfather) didn't talk to them for years, but then he finally came around. I think it's worth pursuing. Sure in the long run if you guys are serious enough to marry and have children, the whole religious thing might get a little bumpy, but If you both end up loving each other it will be worked out. Just know, it will be a lot of trouble, but if you can't get her out of your head, go for it!

    • Yeah. I still have some feelings for her at the moment and what's more interesting about her is that she was born in Israel but was raised here in the US (Her parents are obviously Israeli Jewish immigrants). Yeah, I'd certainly try and give it a shot.

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  • I'm Jewish. Not Orthodox, but raised borderline -I teach Sunday school at the only synagogue in my college town and go to services almost every week (no daily services there -it'd make life easier if there were). My boyfriend's Catholic -former altar server, goes to church every week. His parents like me -and I'm pretty sure they don't care about the religious thing. My parents like him, and aren't happy about the religious thing, but they like him enough not to say anything. We're about the same age you are. Just putting it out there that it can work.

    • Yeah. I'm actually not very serious about my own faith or any religion in general but my mom is serious about her Catholic faith (along with her sisters/my aunts). However, since this question was posted a very long time ago, I'll tell you that now me and her finally have worked it out and are now in a relationship (not a serious one though, at least may be not yet).

    • Awesome! Congratulations!

  • if u like her yes... c'mon u don't choose whom u would love. Love chooses your partner... unless its just a temporary relationship... if you are trying to decide its not love its just a liking...


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