How do I know if my ex has feelings for me?

So me and this guy started dating and we did for a while. But even after he broke up with me we continued with a sexual relationship. We did this because if having sex is what it took to be with him for at least an hour i would take it. But its not like it would be just sex. We would talk about everything, he confides in me , tell me things he has never shared with anyone, he tried to make me "mad" just so he can kiss me and apologize, we cook , he calls me cute names, we take pictures (he wants to surprisingly), and when either of us has to leave he kisses me and doesn't want to let go.
Some time passed and we went on a "sexual break" . During this time he started dating this other girl. Yet he told me he does not want a relationship. After they broke up he called me right away and like an idiot i went because i love him. But like the next day they got back together yet broke up like two days after.
Summer came and we got separated. I set a goal for myself not to message him all summer, and i didnt. But instead he messaged me all the time calling me baby and stuff like that (i forgot to mention that he acts so different with me than with other girls. He is more himself and more thoughtful when he is with me). Of course i was trying to be cold and not give much of a response. As summer came to an end i came back home and we saw eachother again. As soon as he saw me he messaged me calling me baby again and wanting to be with me and come over to my place. He always seems to be coming back to me.
All of this is so confusing to me and i really dont know what to do. Do you think he has any feelings for me? Could we get serious in the future? I really need some advice! Please:(
Thank you!


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  • I think he likes you BUT sees you as sort of as a back up.

    You say he doesn't want a relationship yet got with this other girl? Then ran to you and back?

    I think you are his seconds. His back up.

    I say move on.

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